Recycle Craze!!!!

It’s time once again to go recycling crazy!   

RecycleCraze is a paper and cardboard recycling contest between the Cambridge schools, and will run through May 7.

Each school will continue to submit the weekly recycling reporting sheets to DPW (by fax, email, phone).  Every month the recycling numbers will be distributed to the school community. 

The top two schools with the most paper and cardboard recycling per student will be recognized with trophies and City-wide publicity. Honorable Mention awards will be given in recognition of exemplary efforts for reducing, reusing, and recycling.

We’ll publicize the contest within the schools via email blasts, flyers, newsletters, web postings and other outlets, but we need your help. 

Spread the word — let everyone know that when it comes to paper, if it rips, recycle it. 
Send a photo of a leader at your school recycling paper to us, and we’ll make it in to a poster for you!

Now is the time to demonstrate your school’s commitment to recycling.  Let us know if you need more containers or materials or would like us to present to your school or a classroom.  We’re here to help make your school a winner. 

Go crazy recycling, and if it rips, recycle it!

For more info, contact:

Meryl Brott
Recycling Program Manager
Cambridge Dept of Public Works
147 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
E: [ ]
W: [ ]
T:  617.349.4836    F:  617.349.4868

Thanks for reducing, reusing and RECYCLING!

P.S. Read more about RecycleCraze on the web: [ ]RecycleCraze


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