Public Hearing on Middle Grades Education Jan 19

Dear Cantabridgian,

As we hope you are aware, the Cambridge School Committee and I are now in the process of examining best practices for educating children in our “middle grades” programs to determine what, if any, improvements might be made. We want and need your input.

On January 19th, at 6 p.m. at City Hall, we will hold a public hearing intended to provide you with the opportunity to voice your opinion on the future of middle grades education in Cambridge. I urge you to attend the meeting and share your thoughts and suggestions with us as we collaboratively make this most important decision.

Over the past three years, the Cambridge School Committee, school administrators, principals, teachers, parents, and others, have been working to improve upon our school system’s middle grades education. This work has included, but has not been limited to, the work of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Middle Grades Education, and the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Middle School Youth. Detailed information about both of these Middle Grades Programs is available on the web at

Most recently, we have collected and tabulated and disaggregated data from a December survey of families, community, and educators on the current condition of middle grades education. The most useful information came from 55 pages of comments from parents, students, and staff on how best to improve middle grades programming.

All of the reports and the results of the survey are available at  As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email us at


Jeff Young

Jeff Young is Superintendent of the Cambridge Public Schools.


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