FAQs about snow days!

Because winter weather is becoming more prevalent, we thought we’d share some frequently asked questions about “snow days”.

Q: How do I know if winter weather has caused the Cambridge Public Schools to close or delay the start of school?

A. Parents and students can find out if winter weather has affected the daily operations of the Cambridge Public Schools by tuning into one of the four major television stations (WHDH, WBZ, WCVB, WFXT), the four major radio stations (WBZ, WRKO, WODS, WBUR), calling Linkline, the CPS Telephone Information Service (617 349 6513) or visiting the CPS website at www.cpsd.us
Q. Why don’t the Cambridge Public Schools release early when the weather reports indicate a storm is coming?

A. Parents should always feel free to pick up their children early if they feel that is best for their child.

Once school is in session we do not dismiss early. This is due to our extensive transportation program, which makes it virtually impossible to do storm related early release days.

Unlike the transportation programs of neighboring districts, we drop many of our students off at locations other than the area from which they were picked up in the morning. CPS drops off a large number of students at city-run programs and other after-school activities throughout the city at the end of the school day. Many of these programs are unable to take in our students at an earlier time and consequently we would be forced to take these students to security at the high school or leave them at students home schools or drop them off a home where no adult is there to greet them. The rerouting of our three-tier or staggered bus routes would cause unavoidable and significant delays to the completion of the routes as those detoured busses get stuck in traffic on their way to/from alternate locations. For similar reasons, it is extremely rare for the Cambridge Public Schools to delay the start of school.


The calling of a “snow day” is not always cut and dry; however final decisions are always made with the best interest of safety for our students and staff members in mind in consultation with the Cambridge City Manager, Department of Public Works, neighboring districts, and reports from local meteorologists.


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