Fletcher Maynard Academy students enjoy “behind the scenes” look at a grocery store operation

The Special Start Preschool Classes at Fletcher-Maynard Academy, led by teachers Cela Dorr and Stephanie Sullivan went to Whole Foods at Fresh Pond recently. The students got a first hand look at how a grocery store works from the inside out. The tour of a market for the students was a big hit. “They were so gracious to accomodate us,” said Ms. Dorr. “We started the day off riding the red line from Central to Alewife. That alone was exciting for our students. ”


Our tour guide, Victoria took us on a 45 minute tour of the market, pointing out the various departments and what kinds of things they sell. Upon arrival, each child recieved a reusable Whole Foods bag. “As we went through a few different departments, each student recieved a special treat to place in their bag. Members in each grocery area were incredibly friendly and were happy to have us there,” said Ms. Dorr. “After our tour, we washed our hands and ate snack in the seating area. All of the students eagerly gobbled up the healthy and delicious snacks we were given by the store. ”

Fletcher Maynard Academy students get a first hand look at how a grocery store works.







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