CRLS September -Student Athlete of the Month Awards

Criteria for Student-Athlete of the Month

1.  Demonstrates “team before self” mentality

2.  Dedicates to the team and its mission: on time for practice, 100% engaged, serve as a role model, follows instructions willingly, unselfish

3.  Strives to excel in practices as well as in games

4.  Shows respect for coaches, teammates, and opponents at all  times

5.  Effort and excellence in academics


 This month’s recipients:

Barbara Soares-Volleyball

Sam Mardell- Boys Soccer

Emilie Peoples-Girls Soccer

Sylvan Sheldon-Peter-Golf

Laura Paolo Gonzalez-Cheerleading

Sam Greenberg-Boys Cross Country

Boys Crew: Jaime Leiva Cabrera

Girls Crew: Ruth Mc Cormack

Girls Cross Country- India Brown

Football-Zolan Kanno-Young~~

Learn to Sail-Rishi Patel

 *Program Sponsored by Friends of Cambridge Athletics (FOCA)


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