Surveys, surveys, surveys…

In May, we contracted with the Waltham-based company Opinion Dynamics ( to conduct an independent poll of parent attitudes regarding the Cambridge Public Schools. the results can be found at

Coincidentally, we also conducted a customer satisfaction survey of the CRLS Class of 2009 to find out what our soon-to-be graduates (graduation is June 4 at 6 p.m. in Harvard Yard, by the way) had to say of their CRLS experience. Those results can be found here:

We’re also anxiously awaiting the results of our graduate surveys, which we contract with a company called Lifetrack Services. (

They collect data on alumni for us. This year we will get the results from the Class of 06, 07, and 08. The data helps us continue to improve and refine curriculum and extra curricula offerings based on how well our recent graduates, now college seniors, juniors, and sophomores, feel they were prepared for college-level work and life in general. As soon as we get those results, we’ll let you know.


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