Tobin Montessori Program expands option for 3-year olds!!!

The Tobin Montessori Program at the Tobin School ( is now offering families a full-day option in the school’s Children’s House classrooms starting this September. In an on-going national study conducted by the Cambridge Public Schools, we found that many families could not enroll in the Montessori program due to the 11 a.m. pick-up  time. Parents told CPS that this was an insurmountable obstacle to sending their students to the Montessori programs. Now parents will have the choice of picking up at their child at 2 p.m. or taking advantage of the Community Schools program at the Tobin after the Montessori program ends. The Community Schools program – run by the City of Cambridge – runs until 5:30 p.m.

Families that enjoy the transitional nature of the half-day program for three year olds will still have that option and their students will enjoy a morning of instruction and exploration.

Families that choose the new full-day option will be offered physical education, music, art and Spanish in the afternoon, as well as a nap.

Stay tuned for more details and please help us spread the word throughout Cambridge of the new and exciting offering at the Tobin School. For more info about the Tobin School, call 617 349 6600.


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