An evening with Joani Geltman


An Evening with Parenting Expert

Joani Geltman

Adolescent Psychology:
The Parent Version

For Parents of 6th-8th Graders

 April 7, 2009

6:00-8:00 PM

Tobin Elementary School 

197 Vassal Lane


Childcare is provided







 “Adolescent Psychology – The Parent Version” will be the topic of a presentation by Joani Geltman, MSW, an expert in child development and parent-teen relationships.

   Geltman will cover the topics of physical, cognitive, and social/emotional changes that occur in adolescence and how they affect relationships with parent and friends as well as school life. Among the focus points will be:

·        Identifying your teen’s “lightening rod, imaginary audience, and personal fables.”

·        Learning how to teen-proof your home.

·        Learning how to teen-proof your relationship.

·        Learning how to set appropriate limits so your teen will want to follow them.

·        Developing effective tools for identifying and dealing with your teen’s experimentation with sex, drugs, and alcohol.

·        Separating high expectations from unrealistic expectations and their respective consequences for your teen’s emotional well-being.

    Geltman has been working as a therapist, parenting consultant, and coach for more than 30 years, and has given her seminar on “The Parent Version” at over 40 Middle Schools, High Schools, and community groups all over Massachusetts. As a member of the adjunct faculty of Curry College, and Lesley University, she designs curriculum and teaches Child and Adolescent development.

   “I would like to help my audience understand that there is a context in which troublesome behavior occurs,” she said. “It’s not about bad kids or kids who are mean to their parents. It’s about developmental changes that are out of control because teen’s brains and bodies, their ability to understand, to conceptualize, to analyze, and to be introspective, are all brand new. Remember sitting in front of your new computer with all its new bells and whistles. You are excited about the potential of what you can do it, but overwhelmed with all its options. Welcome to Teen life!” Joani’s special brand of “infotainment” using humor, storytelling, and sending home parents with a “goody bag” of helpful techniques make this a must-come evening.




One Response to An evening with Joani Geltman

  1. Charles Vansant says:

    Great article in the April 19, 2009 Sunday Globe.

    Is there a web site or document you could email that provides the lingo and definitions that the teenagers are using today, the bleeps in the paper?

    Other than knowing the term “sexting” as mentioned in your artcle and by the media and the term “coupling”, I seem to a bit behind the times.


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