King Open School is composting!

Beginning next month, students at the King Open School will begin composting their school lunch food waste.
The King Open School, in partnership with the city’s DPW recycling guru Randi Mail, will be the first CPS school to begin this exciting environmental initiative. Called Food to Flowers, the program helps to teach students about the interconnectedness of nature and how recycling and composting help protect the environment.
Food to Flowers uses a colorful slide show assembly to teach about nature, wildlife, climate change, recycling and composting. Before the program begins, select classes are trained to be compost monitors and assist the rest of the school with composting in the lunchroom. Schools are provided colorful displays reminding students to recycle and compost. Standards-based composting lesson plans developed for Massachusetts can be taught in the classroom.

Since September 2006, dozens of Cambridge businesses have been part of the city’s composting effort, including universities, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. The food waste is sent to area farms for large scale composting.

The King-Open School will enjoy many benefits of composting, including:

Students gain first hand experience of environmental stewardship and responsible citizenship, outside of the classroom.

The King Open School will be recognized as an environmental leader on local, regional and national stage for its green practices and for preparing well-rounded, socially responsible students.

Students will be active participants in meeting the City’s Climate Protection goals. Composting helps to decrease our community’s greenhouse gas emissions and increases our recycling rate.

Pretty cool stuff!


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