We’re open!

The Cambridge Public Schools are open today.

Typically, we begin monitoring weather reports about 24 hours ahead of an expected storm. We are in constant contact with surrounding towns and with our city’s Public Works officials. We also receive weather reports from the National Weather Service. We collect as much information as possible, including expected snowfall amount, time of snowfall, and our city’s ability to keep streets and sidewalks clear. Then, the superintendent – in this case Dr. Carolyn Turk – and her leadership team makes a decision based primarily on the safety of students and staff to get to and from school.

For a few FAQs on winter weather and its impact on the Cambridge Public Schools, go to http://www.cpsd.us and click on the winter weather information button.


8 Responses to We’re open!

  1. Concerned Employee says:

    I am an employee of CPSD and greatly appreciate the superintendent’s concern for our children and their need to be educated. However, I greatly disagree with today’s decision. I love working and do not care for snow days for ths stay home experience, but felt as though several children, as well as employees, were put in danger’s way. The sidewalks around my building were piled with snow and I witnessed a near accident as a high school student walked into the road to get around the heaping piles on the sidewalks. The roads were also NOT clear and unfortunately there was no where for some employees to park. The bottom line is, children’s lives are not worth one day of school.

  2. benbr says:

    I was surprised but happy with the news. I hope everyone can get home OK.

  3. Concerned Parent says:

    Not sure I agree with today’s decision. Every school district around here is closed today… brookline, boston, belmont, etc. There is TONS of snow falling and the roads are looking worse and worse. I think I would have made a different call.

  4. Bewildered Parent says:

    The schools were open *and* there was a snow “emergency”. When was that last time that this occurred? Ever? I have to imagine that Cambridge would be exposing itself to a lawsuit if any child is injured tonight.

    I saw a lot of cars being towed away on my street – I’m sure most of the vehicle owners naturally assumed that if the schools were open they could safely leave their cars where they were.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Good call today. I don’t know why the other towns canceled. There was not much snow this morning, and now it’s just sprinkling sleet. You just can’t be calling off school for a few flakes.

  6. David says:

    I don’t think you can judge a call based entirely on how it turned out. In hindsight it is easy to make the call. The real question is what the LIKELIHOOD was that it would be very hard for kids and staff to get home again this afternoon. Sure, how things turn out is SOME evidence for the likelihood, but that call had to be made in light of the likelihoods at 5:00 AM this morning, not the facts as they are now.

    The fact that every other town in a 30 mile radius closed their doors suggests what other town leaders thought of the likelihoods. However, Cambridge may be different — we have so many walkers, and so many of the rest take big heavy schoolbuses that generally do okay in 3-6 inches of snow. For that matter, with all the other towns closed, there is much less traffic so maybe it was okay to open ONLY GIVEN that everyone else was closed.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Wow, you can leave a comment on whether school got closed or not?! Things sure have changed since we were kids! 🙂

  8. Becky says:

    I understand that you had to make a tough call, but it was one of the worst cases I had to go through.

    With all the melted ice underneath the snow, it made for a very bad day to be outside.

    I am concerned about tomorrow, when all of the water we had to walk through today, whether it will freeze by tomorrow.

    Last year we had thick ice that cause me injury, and I’m quite scared of being injured again.

    My only way to school requires walking. Some other students probably have it worse.

    Please consider the possibility of canceling school tomorrow.

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