Warm news on a cold day!

On a cold January day, here is some news to warm the soul: 

Earlier this month, we learned five CRLS students had earned full, four-year, scholarships through the Posse Foundation to some of the country’s top colleges and universities.

The scholarships  – to CRLS seniors Bessena Cabe, Zoë Guastella, Solomon Montagno, Krystal Figueroa Navarro, and Simona Teixeira – were the first announced awards of what is unofficially known as “scholarship season” at CRLS. The students are headed to Bryn Mawr and Union College. 

 “We’re delighted,” said Jamalh Prince, Dean of Students at CRLS. Mr. Prince, who oversees the application process for CRLS said awards like these set CRLS apart from many other local high schools. “This number puts CRLS on a par with Boston Latin as the two top winning schools in the state this year. It tells us that  our teachers are giving our students the right tools to succeed and that our guidance counselors are making good choices in identifying the right candidates for this award.”

In 2007, six CRLS graduates earned Posse Scholarships. Last year, the Class of 2008 earned eight Posse Scholarships. Each of the four-year scholarships is worth, on average, $150,000.

Formed in 1989, the Posse Foundation recruits students who have extraordinary leadership ability and academic potential that might be overlooked by the traditional university selection process, and devotes the resources and support necessary to help these students strive for personal achievement and academic excellence, reach graduation, and effect positive changes on their college campus and in their community.

Over the last 15 years, the program has placed 2,600 students into top colleges and universities. These students have won more than $260 million in scholarships from Posse partner universities and have a graduation rate at close to 90 percent – much higher than the national average at institutions of higher education. For more information about Posse, go to www.possefoundation.org  




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